Wine glasses , red wine and wine barrels
Wine glasses , red wine and wine barrels

Wine has become an increasingly popular alternative investment, enticing enthusiasts and investors alike to explore the world of fine wines as a potential source of financial growth. The allure of wine investment lies in its dual nature, it's a tangible asset that can also offer a blend of aesthetic pleasure and potential financial returns. Collectors and investors purchase carefully selected bottles or cases of wine with the expectation that their value will appreciate over time. This appreciation can be driven by factors such as the wine's vintage, rarity, producer reputation, and critical acclaim.

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Vinovest is a platform that allows investors to invest in fine wines. Here are some key features and benefits of investing:

  1. Ownership of Wines: You own the wines in your portfolio outright. You can buy, sell, or even consume the wines at your discretion.

  2. Storage and Management: Vinovest takes care of the storage and management of your wine portfolio. They store the wines in bonded warehouses with optimal conditions to ensure their quality is maintained.

  3. Potential for Value Appreciation: Fine wines can appreciate in value over time, especially as they age and become rarer. The aim is to help investors maximize the potential returns on their wine investments.

  4. Diversification: Investing in fine wines can provide diversification to an investment portfolio, as it is a tangible asset class with a unique set of factors influencing its value.

  5. Liquidation Support: When investors are ready to sell their wines, a secondary market helps facilitate the process to achieve the highest possible return on investment.


Why should you invest in this? Nice alternative not affected by most market downturns

Percentage of portfolio to invest? 5%-10%

Our Risk rating? If the investment fails you can at least enjoy it 4/5

Our overall rating? 3.5/5

How do I start? Vinovest