Royalties a pen and paper
Royalties a pen and paper

Music, photo licencing or royalty. Earning royalties can be a lucrative way to generate passive income if you have the talent and creativity to produce original works. Here's how you can earn royalties from your creative works or invest in existing royalties:

Producing Original Works:

  1. Books: If you are a writer, you can publish books through traditional publishing houses or self-publishing platforms. You'll earn royalties from book sales based on the agreement with the publisher or platform.

  2. Music: Musicians and composers can earn royalties from their music through performances, digital downloads, streaming platforms, and licensing their music for use in commercials, films, TV shows, or video games.

  3. Artwork: Artists can earn royalties from the sale of prints, reproductions, or licensing their artwork for commercial use.

Investing in Existing Royalties:

Royalty Exchange is a platform where you can buy and sell royalties from various creative works. You can bid on existing royalties and if your bid wins, you'll start earning income from the royalties generated by that work.

Regardless of whether you're producing original works or investing in existing royalties, earning royalties can provide a source of passive income that continues over time as long as the creative works remain popular and in demand.


Why should you invest in this? If something you can do, could be great side hustle

Percentage of portfolio to invest? 5%-15%

Our Risk rating? Can start with minimal investment unless purchased 5/5

Our overall rating? 4/5

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