Real Estate Crowd Funding

Real estate is a popular investment option that can provide potential benefits such as rental income, property appreciation, and tax advantages. Property is often a lifelong investment for your own home that can be sold on at a later date for an appreciated value or used as collateral for loans to purchase additional properties for investment. The book Rich dad poor dad is recommended if this is of interest to you.
However, this commitment is not for everyone as it involves a lot of debt and capital outlay that you may not have or be comfortable with. However there are alternatives that enables you to add this to your portfolio for a small amount of cash without having to purchase a complete home or property.
Crowdfunding real estate platforms allow individuals to pool their funds together to invest in real estate projects or properties managed by professional real estate companies, using experts in the industry to look for the best opportunities.
The lower barriers to entry enable investors to participate in real estate opportunities with smaller amounts of money offering diversification across multiple properties and projects. The properties are typically rented out providing investors with a monthly income. And also as the property ages and hopefully increases in value the platform will try and sell at a higher value, providing investors with a profit from the initial purchase.
Get Started
There are several platforms available now for property crowd funding, do you your own research and see if its right for you. Here are some to get you started Fundrise, Crowdestate, Londonhouseexchange, Estateguru

Snapshot UPDATE July 2023

Why should you invest in this?

We are currently suggestion a hold to investing in Real estate crowdfunding at this time. Although a great concept and has shown good returns in the past, the last couple years with Covid and then inflation have seen market challenges for crowdfunding real estate platforms, limiting their good returns to investors. We will continue to monitor and see when the situation may improve again to be a useful investment

crowd funding real estate people standing in front of a house
crowd funding real estate people standing in front of a house